Saturday, March 22, 2008

And the winner is.....

Using this, the results are now in! The winner is Audrey! Congratulations, Audrey! Email me at for info on ordering your FREE custom clipboard and pen set!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I hope to have additional giveaways in the future! For those of you who linked me, don't forget about your 20% discount, now through March 31st. Be sure to check out my Blessings and Bows blog weekly for contests, discounts, and featured artists/crafters who use ribbon in their designs!

Happy Easter!!!


Jessica said...

Ok, I am such a terrible friend! I rely on Bloglines, a feed reader, to let me know when blogs are new/updated. Keeps me from visiting the hundred-or-so blogs I read each day. Then I only visit when they are updated.

For some reason, I've been missing new blogs lately. Kingcade Kitchen was one that wasn't updated until this week so I missed the contest!

I wasn't purposely not supporting you--I love your stuff! I just need to actually visit sites more often, I guess.

You're linked on my blog, and have been for a while! Keep up the fun stuff!